RMC Introduction
Last Update: Jun 01, 2020
Taiwan Radiation Monitoring Station was established in 1974 as a subsidiary government agency under Atomic Energy Council to carry out monitoring of natural ionizing radiation in the environment and man-made ionizing radiation in the vicinity of nuclear power stations, nuclear research reactors, and nuclear waste facilities.

The station had been changed its name to Radiation Monitoring Center (RMC) by a law enacted by Parliament in 1996 to strengthen its role in monitoring the effect on the general public of the peaceful application of radioactive substances in Taiwan.

  • Formulation and implementation of environmental radiation measurement plans.
  • Measurement of natural ionizing radiation in the environment.
  • Measurement of radioactive fallout.
  • Measurement of radioactivity in foodstuffs and drinking water.
  • Measurement of ionizing radiation in the immediate environment of nuclear and other radiation emitting facilities.
  • Measurement of environmetntal radiation arising from treatment , storage , transport and final disposal of radioactive waste.
  • Radioactive contamination evaluation and measurement of radiation arising from accidents at nuclear facilities.
  • Evaluation of population radiation doses.
  • Research and development of radiation measurement technololgy.
  • Providing information , advice to the public on environmental radioactivity.
  • Other tasks related to environmental radiation monitoring.