Performance Indicators
Last Update: Nov 27, 2020
Performance Indicator/NPP Chinshan
Kuosheng Maanshan
1 2 1 2 1 2
Unplanned scrams while critical per 7,000 hours, both manual and automatic
Unplanned scrams while critical with loss of normal heat removal
Unplanned changes in reactor power of greater than 20% full-power, per 7,000 hours of critical operation
The unavailability of high pressure cooling system( HPCI/HPCS)
The unavailability of reactor core isolation cooling (RCIC) or axillary feed water system (AFW).
The unavailability of residual heat removal (RHR)
The unavailability of emergency diesel. generator (EDG)
Safety system functional failures
Reactor Coolant System Specific Radioactivity
Reactor Coolant System leakage
Emergency Preparedness Drill/Exercise Performance
Emergency Response Organization Drill Participation
Alert and Notification System Reliability
Radiation protection Occupational Radiation Exposure Control Effectiveness
The performance of the Radiological Effluent Control Program
Liquid Radioactive Waste Management Liquid radioactive waste generated
Recycling ratio of liquid radioactive waste
Correction Request and Violation relative to liquid radioactive waste

green-light:indicates performance within an expected performance level where the associated cornerstone objectives are met.
white-light:represents performance outside an expected range of nominal utility performance but related cornerstone objectives are still being met.
yellow-light:indicates related cornerstone objectives are being met, but with a minimal reduction in the safety margin.
red-light:signals a significant reduction in safety margin in the area measured by the performance indicator.