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Off-site Exercises

Under the terms of Nuclear Emergency Response Act, AEC shall periodically select an EPZ and conduct full participation exercise according to the approved Emergency Response Plans. Every year, AEC coordinates and leads the national level exercise to evaluate emergency preparedness and emergency mechanisms including initial response activated, reactor unit rescue, public informed, protective actions recommendation and consequence management during the incident.

The exercises also include radiation monitoring, radiation dose evaluations, public sheltering, evacuation, accommodation of evacuees, iodine tablets arrangement, decontamination and emergency medical assistance.

In order to maximize the value of the exercise and optimize the learning experience, the evaluation of exercise is as much importance as the exercise itself. The evaluation of performance in an emergency exercise requires objective standards to assess whether or not responders can adequately implement emergency plans. AEC has established “Standard Evaluation Basis for Off-Site Nuclear Exercise” based on the lessons learned from the past conducted exercise and references from Japan and FEMA of United States.

Standard Evaluation Basis for Off-Site Nuclear Exercise (June,2016, Chinese Only)

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