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Facility Response Capabilities

Video Conference System

The video communication tests would be conducted among AEC, TPC, NPPs and related emergency organizations every season. If a nuclear accident occurs, the video conference meeting would provide functions with the same set of outcomes of a face to face discussion.

Safety Parameters Display System

During normal operation condition, this system can display the real time data of NPPs' major safety parameters. During an emergency, this system could provide necessary real-time data to perform the event assessment in coordination with severe accident code.

National Environmental Radiation Monitoring System

In Taiwan, there are 46 local radiation monitoring stations which are built and consist of standardized detector assemblies, processing and display units and computer-based system management stations. All the monitoring data would be updated every 5 minutes.

NPP's Site Boundary and Emergency Planning Zone Radiation Monitoring System

Besides monitoring the national environmental dose rate, AEC also requested the Taiwan Power Company to set up the monitoring system on the boundary of the nuclear power plant and the surrounded Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) to oversee the radiation level around the nuclear power plant.

Satellite Communication System

When all commercial communication systems are interrupted by any reasons, the backup satellite telephone is the key communication tool to contact other organizations.

Dedicated Hot Line Phone

Dedicated hot lines are installed for quick and direct contact with each nuclear power plant and Taipower headquarters during emergency. The lines are tested every day by staff on duty.

Digital Recording System

While there’s a report of a nuclear accident or a radiological incident, the digital recording system can be used to track key time points and the process throughout the entire event.
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