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Words from the Chairman

As the competent authority over nuclear safety, the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) is responsible for overseeing the affairs related to safety and radiation protection of nuclear power plants, nuclear emergency response, and radioactive waste management. As endowed by law, the AEC is also in charge of the development of atomic technology.

The AEC is the safety regulation authority and guarding safety is its highest principle. The AEC supports professionalism and innovation, and sets the "Guarding Nuclear Safety" and "Radioactive Waste Management" as its major administrative principles. Under these principles, the AEC will strengthen its promotion of relevant tasks, including "Strictly overseeing radiation safety and nuclear safety", "Strengthening radioactive waste management (including the relocation of Lan-Yu Storage Site)", "Promoting technology research and innovation" and "Expanding public participation and social dialogue."

The expiration dates of the operating licenses of Chinshan Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 and Unit 2 are December 5, 2018 and July 15, 2019, respectively; the AEC has organized a "Special Task Force for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants" to fortify its regulatory performance and to ensure the decommissioning safety of Chinshan Nuclear Power Plant.

The regulator of nuclear safety should maintain neutral and relevant regulatory information, which should be transparent; in addition, the regulator is expected to address the public using its technical and professional capabilities to gain people's trust. With this principle, the AEC establishes the "Public Participation Platform" to allow the general public to attend the discussions on safety regulatory issues. Besides, concerning the topics that people care about, the AEC will communicate with all stakeholders with proactive and humble attitude to establish social trust via multiple communication modes, and to make the AEC the "People's Atomic Energy Council" and "Guardian of Nuclear Safety."

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