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What's News > 2017 Workshop on the Oversight of Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning
2017 Workshop on the Oversight of Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning

Date : 15~16 August 2017
Location : AEC Headquarter
Attendees : about 110 persons

"Nuclear-free Homeland by the 2025" is the Taiwan government's nuclear policy, which means all nuclear power reactors in Taiwan shall be permanently shut down by 2025. In the process of moving towards a nuclear-free homeland, the issues of decommissioning and radwaste management regarding nuclear power plants have become more and more important for AEC at the moment.

Therefore, in order to enhance the regulatory capability on nuclear facility decommissioning projects, AEC invited two NRC senior experts, Bruce Watson and Ray Kellar, to share their valuable decommissioning experiences and regulatory information on 2017 Workshop for Oversight of Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning.

Approximate 110 attendees participated in this Workshop. Discussion issues include but not limited to current NPP rulemaking for transition to decommissioning, regulatory enforcement of NPP decommissioning based on MARSSIM application, regulatory experiences on NPPs in the decommissioning transition, regulatory inspection during NPP decommissioning projects, and lessons learned from NPP decommissioning projects in the U.S.A. Overall activities of the Workshop have been completed around 4 P.M. on 16 August 2017.

Attachment file
  ●Attachment file (1):AEC deputy chairman, Dr. Chiou, and FCMA director, Dr. Liu, with 2 NRC experts and guests (JPG file)
  ●Attachment file (2):Approximate 110 attendees participated in 2017 Decommissioning Workshop (JPG file)

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