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What's News > 2018 Nuclear Emergency Exercise International Observer Program
2018 Nuclear Emergency Exercise International Observer Program

Date:13-15, Sep. 2018
Location:AEC headquarter、ChinShan Nuclear Power Plant、
New Taipei City and Taipei City

Attendees:23 International Observers
In 2018 Nuclear Emergency Exercise, AEC is honored to have guest from U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) and the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (ISRN) of France, Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) of Japan, and Office/Institute in Taiwan of various countries (Europe, Germany, U.S.A., U.K., Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Canada and New Zealand) to join the international observation program to observe the exercise.

In order to have more understanding of the objectives of exercise, drill topics, and national emergency response mechanism. AEC hosted a pre-exercise briefing session on 9/13 to provide background information of the Nuclear Emergency Exercise and the response mechanism in Taiwan. Right after the briefing, all participant has visited AEC's Nuclear Safety Duty Center to get a glimpse of how AEC implementing 24/7 surveillance on nuclear power plants and environmental radiation monitoring all over the country.

The drill has conducted for 2 days (9/14-15) including onsite and fully participation exercise. AEC has collected feedback from all observers, and their experience insight and recommendations would help AEC to develop much better practice in the future exercise.

Attachment file
  ●Attachment file (1):Briefing before Exercise1 (JPG file)
  ●Attachment file (2):Briefing before Exercise2 (JPG file)
  ●Attachment file (3):Representative of Italian Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Office also join the observation pr (JPG file)
  ●Attachment file (4):Exercise of Radiological Emergency Medical Treatment in Taipei Veterans General Hospital (JPG file)
  ●Attachment file (5):Exercise of Tourist Evacuation in Baishawan Beach, New Taipei City (JPG file)
  ●Attachment file (6):Radiation Detection and Monitoring Vehicle of Army (JPG file)
  ●Attachment file (7):Exercise of Car Accident and Traffic Control (JPG file)
  ●Attachment file (8):Demonstration of UAV for Radiation Monitoring (JPG file)

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