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What's News > Where to go for summer vacation? Come to Huashan Fun Science
Where to go for summer vacation? Come to Huashan Fun Science

The “Fun Science and Environmental Protection Technology” scientific activity prepared by the Atomic Energy Council of the Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as the AEC) for both kids and adults will be held in the 4A hall of the 1914 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Huashan, Taipei from July 5th to 8th.  At the event, there are science educational activities related to life science and technology, environmental protection and atomic energy, as well as interactive experience and related games.  Those who challenge successfully can receive beautiful souvenirs.  The lovely “Sunny P Li” dolls will stand on the scene together with Fun Science.  Both kids and adults are welcomed to experience the big things in life science. 

What is fun with “Fun Science”?  There are “Super heat-conducting heroes:  high-efficiency heat pipes” that cook eggs, “Power generation systems without producing PM2.5”, “Electricity from the light, changing shapes as you like:  plastic solar cell modules”, “Electricity generated from powder and link”, exploring food radiation detection, “Extracting gold from waste” – refining agricultural and forestry waste to produce fiber-alcohol, xylitol, polylatic acid and other visible raw materials to convey green process technology, decommissioning of nuclear power plants, disposal of radioactive waste, and inside of the disaster prevention kits.  Of course, themes of radiation livelihood application that people care about, such as introduction to “Body fireflies; nuclear medicines that emit light”, “Illuminating liver cells, curing liver disease with target treatment”, and Radiation irradiating:  bacteria smashed”, even including things that Madame Marie Curie did not teach are to be presented in this event.  Let kids and adults feel the joy of science and understand the principles and results of scientific application through carefully designed and planned model touch and interactive experience. 

In addition, in the “Fun Science” event, the AEC will also arrange the rest area for the participants, so that parents who are waiting for their kids can watch the films about the atomic energy civil application and green energy, or have face-to-face discussions with experts on the topic of energy and radiation.  Where to go with kids in the hot summer?  Welcome to Huashan, let the “Sunny P Li” dolls accompany you to experience the surprise and fun brought by the atomic energy technology.

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