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Nuclear Reactor Safety > NPP Real-time Operating Status
NPP Real-time Operating Status
Plant & Units Reactor Status Reactor Power
Generator Output
NPP 1 Unit 1 #nppData["npp"][1][1]["statusStr"]  #nppData["npp"][1][1]["rate"]  #nppData["npp"][1][1]["gen"] 
Unit 2 #nppData["npp"][1][2]["statusStr"]  #nppData["npp"][1][2]["rate"]  #nppData["npp"][1][2]["gen"] 
NPP 2 Unit 1 #nppData["npp"][2][1]["statusStr"]  #nppData["npp"][2][1]["rate"]  #nppData["npp"][2][1]["gen"] 
Unit 2 #nppData["npp"][2][2]["statusStr"]  #nppData["npp"][2][2]["rate"]  #nppData["npp"][2][2]["gen"] 
NPP 3 Unit 1 #nppData["npp"][3][1]["statusStr"]  #nppData["npp"][3][1]["rate"]  #nppData["npp"][3][1]["gen"] 
Unit 2 #nppData["npp"][3][2]["statusStr"]  #nppData["npp"][3][2]["rate"]  #nppData["npp"][3][2]["gen"] 
Reactor Status Display:
[Green] : Operating, [White] : Refueling Outage, shutdown, [Gray] : Computer Maintenance, Computer down, Communication Fault, and Connected to Simulator for drill.

Reactor Power and Generator Output Display:
[Green] : Reactor Power within 100%, [White] : Reactor Power between 101%~102%, [Yellow] : Reactor Power above 102%

Display is changing automatically every 10 seconds; decimals will round off for the numbers.

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