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Radiation Protection > Checking, Tracking, Auditing and Control of Radioactive Sources
Checking, Tracking, Auditing and Control of Radioactive Sources
- 2017.8.7

Licensing and Control of Radioactive Materials and Equipments Capable of Producing Ionizing Radiation, and Certificates of Associated Personnel

According to Ionizing Radiation Protection Act (IRPA), the owners of medical and non-medical radioactive materials and ionizing radiation equipments should apply for licenses and/or certificates from Atomic Energy Council (AEC); operators should obtain Radiation Safety Certificate or receive radiation protection training and obtain related proof for operating those materials and equipments. In addition, radiation practices such as in production, manufacturing, import, installation, use, cease of use, transfer and abandonment of those equipments and materials should apply for approval from AEC before starting the practices. Holders of "sealed radioactive materials" shall report through "sealed radioactive materials online reporting system" monthly. Up to the present, AEC can effectively monitor the status of radioactive sources.

Statistics of Relevant Licenses and Certificates
(Compiled Date: 2019/4/5)

Licenses, Registration and Certificates
License and Registration of Radioactive Material





License and Registration of Equipment Capable of Producing Ionizing Radiation





Radiation Safety Certificate for Radiation Worker


Certificate of Operator(Including High-Level Radiation Facilities and Manufacturing Facilities)


Certificate of Radiation Protection Personnel

Senior Radiation Protection Officer


Radiation Protection Officer


Licensing Medical Cyclotrons

Medical cyclotron can produce positron-emitting isotopes that can be used for Positron Emission Tomography/Computerized Tomography (PET/CT). The fast development of technology of medical cyclotrons has set a new trend all over the world. This new generation of imaging technology can reveal detailed pictures of various tissues, organs and indicate whether an abnormal lump is cancerous or benign.

To protect the public safety while operating medical cyclotrons, the Department of Radiation Protection have established a three-stage review procedure, i.e., installation, test operation, and production stages. Scholars and experts are invited to organize a review committee to review facilities and examine the pre-operational conditions at site, and to ensure those facilities comply with radiation safety regulations.

Up to present, AEC have already issued 9 medical cyclotron licenses.

Audit and Control of High Risk Radioactive Sources

In conformance with international standards and strengthening import/export control of high risk radioactive source(s), AEC have added relevant IAEA regulations to its Radioactive Sources Management Regulations.

In strengthening high risk radioactive sources management, AEC have already adopted some advanced strategy based on IAEA Radioactive Materials Security Technical Document TECDOC-1355. For use of high risk radioactive sources (Category I and Category II), the owners have to provide an additional security plan. This security plan include appropriate access control measures, detect and delay system, responding and communicating procedures in order to reduce the risk of malicious use of such sources to cause harm to individuals, society or the environment. AEC also have made up annual inspection for Category I and Category II sources in order to ensure the owners follow the related regulations.

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