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Radiation Protection > Promotion of Medical Exposure Quality Assurance of the Public
Promotion of Medical Exposure Quality Assurance of the Public
- 2018.8.23

Implementing Medical Exposure Quality Assurance Program

According to Article 17 of IRPA (Ionizing Radiation Protection Act) and Standards for Medical Exposure Quality Assurance: in order to improve the quality of radiological diagnosis and treatment and to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure received by patients, a medical exposure QA plan is required separately for the following equipment:
1.Medical linear accelerators (137 units);
2.Remote after-loading brachytherapy units using radioactive material (35 units)
3.Gamma knife (8 units);
4.Cyberknife (7 units);
5.Tomotherapy machine (20 units); and
6. Mammographic X-ray machine (337 units)
7. Computed tomography (537 units)
8. X-ray simulator (11 units)

The equipment required to submit a medical exposure QA program shall not be used until a medical exposure QA plan is approved by AEC.
Medical exposure quality assurance plan shall include:
1.QA organization
2.Procedure manual
3.QA calibration items
4.Frequency, results and tolerance of calibrations
5.Handling and improving method when tolerance is deviated.

Assisting and Inspection

From Feb. 2016, AEC have inspected 91 domestic medical institutions on their radiation protection business and have assisted them in improving their radiation protection capabilities. The contents of inspection included: inspection of Category I and II radioactive sources at higher risk, medical cyclotrons, unsealed radioactive materials, radiation protection management committee business, radiation protection information transparency, and medical exposure quality assurance practices etc.

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