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Radiation Protection > E-Oriented Application Practice for the Public
E-Oriented Application Practice for the Public
- 2018.8.23

E-Trade Facilitation for Radioactive Materials and Radiation Equipments
In streamlining application procedures on import/export permits, reducing application cost and time, and enhancing national competitive edge, Atomic Energy Council (AEC) has started "Facile Trade Network Project", or "FT Network" for short, in 2006. Under which a "Facile Trade Network" has been constructed, which provides radiation related businesses with online filing and reviewing application document of import/export of radioactive materials and ionizing radiation equipment, and in association with General Bureau of Custom Tax application and processing network system processes each import/export application. This FT Network uplifts the function of AEC "Radiation Protection Control Information System" by connecting through it so that import/export information of radioactive materials and radiation equipments can access automatically and are input once only through a single platform for the whole application process, reducing typos and facilitate civil service.

"FT Network" has been on line for service on 24th of October, 2007. It has provided 24-hours a day service. Over 90 percent of import/export application cases have been automatically checked and approved through this FT Network.

In addition to providing with fast and convenient application and processing service, FT Network also provides the function of inquiry of application status and previous application records.

AEC, through FT Network, provides e-control of information on "Radiation Safety Certificates", "Radiation Protection Personnel Certificates", "Radiation Protection Service Business", "Radiation Protection Organization", "Radioactive Materials" and "Ionizing Radiation Equipment", fully controlling the whereabouts of radioactive sources and their status, simplifying the application process of ionizing radiation equipment certificate for registration. It provides with online application process through network instead of paperwork, and also provides applicants with efficient tool to reduce management cost.

E-Trade Facilitation for Radioactive Materials and Radiation Equipments
E-Trade Facilitation for Radioactive Materials and Radiation Equipments

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