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Radiation Protection > Advisory Committee on Ionizing Radiation Safety
Advisory Committee on Ionizing Radiation Safety
- 2017.8.7

Advisory Committee on Ionizing Radiation Safety (ACIRS) is one of the six advisory committees of AEC. It was established in 1989, and consisted of 15 to 19 members then. But up to the 15th Committee, it is re-formed due to legislative rulings. Currently there are 16 members in ACIRS. The tenure of the member is two years and renewal is possible. The members are scholars and experts and government agency representatives. Most of them have expertise in radiation protection. This Committee serves as the advisor to the Department of Radiation Protection. Most of the time, the Committee holds one meeting every four months in a year. The Department of Radiation Protection presents important issues of radiation protection to ACIRS for discussion. Then unanimous opinion can be obtained and the Department of Radiation Protection will follow as suggested. All drafted regulations of radiation protection including Ionizing Radiation Protection Act (IRPA) are first sent to this Committee to obtain professional opinions and then sent to Legal Affairs Committee for review. Up to the present, ACIRS proves to be a good adviser to the Department of Radiation Protection.

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