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Regulatory Meeting of Radiation Protection
- 2018.12.17

Since May 1995, a Regulatory Meeting of Radiation Protection (RMRP) is held regularly by the Department of Radiation Protection for three purposes:

1.To effectively regulate the radiation protection practices of various nuclear facilities (including nuclear power reactors and research reactors);
2.To enhance the communication, understanding, and mutual assistance among different organizations of radiation protection, and to foster the interchange and sharing of new technology and experience; and
3.To announce important official guides, and to share radiation protection news, or research results.
This kind of Meeting can be held for different kinds of facility and business operators such as those of nuclear power plants and research institutes.

Till now, the nuclear facility RMRP has been held for 51 times and proved to be a very effective way in solving problems, including face-to-face discussion between the regulatory body (the AEC) and the nuclear facilities about radiation protection issues. Recently, some issues were discussed:

1.Requesting each nuclear power plants report about the goal of collective effective dosage in next 5 years.
2.Requesting each nuclear power plants report about the regulation of effluents ,the way of report and improving plan.
3.Requesting Chinshan nuclear power plant report about the status of important regulatory matters in decommission plan.
4.Requesting each radioactive waste management and storage facilities report about achievement and review of radiation protection.

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