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Radiation Protection > Current Works on Ionizing Radiation Protection Act and Its Related Regulations
Current Works on Ionizing Radiation Protection Act and Its Related Regulations
- Facilitation of Civil Service, Conformation to International Regulations, and Practicality of Enforcement -
- 2018.12.10


In 1955 Taiwan signed a bilateral agreement on peaceful use of atomic energy with USA. Afterwards, a research nuclear reactor had been installed in National Tsing Hua University, furtherly promoting domestic research in atomic energy science and laying foundation on development of agricultural, industrial and medical applications of radio-isotopes. In view of fast expansion of peaceful use of atomic energy, Atomic Energy Council (AEC) established and promulgated Atomic Energy Act (AEA) in 1968, which laid down basic policies on our atomic energy use and protected public health thereinafter. After enforcing AEA for some years, the scope of domestic atomic energy use extended with time on the path of economic growth: (1). Three nuclear power plants had been constructed (and the fourth one now has also been constructed – yet its operating license has been on hold due to political bickering). (2). Extensive use of industrial, research and medical radioactive materials, and ionizing radiation generating devices grew by days. There were urgent needs to establish ionizing radiation protection laws to protect radiation workers and the public against the detriment of ionizing radiation. Therefore in 2002, Ionizing Radiation Protection Act was established.

Subsequently, to adapt to government policies and meet current technological advances, AEC amend some regulations to facilitate civil service and upgrade medical exposure quality assurance programs in recent years.

With the implementation of Mega Port Planning on September 19, 2009, relevant guidelines and regulations on radioactive materials transit/transshipment through our country are added.

From June 18, 2015 onwards till present, to fully implement the Regulations in our country, some Articles of our Regulations are amended: Articles 19 of "Criteria for Management of Radiation Workplaces and Environmental Radiation Monitoring outside Them", Articles 2, 6 and 7 of "Standards for Limiting Radioactivity in Commodities", and Article 2 of " Standards for Exemption from Regulation for Radiation Sources ".

Also "Administrative Regulations for Safety Maintenance Plan of Personal Data Files in Manufacturer of Equipment Capable of Producing Ionizing Radiation" has been established and promulgated on February 22, 2016 to conform with the Article 27, Paragraph 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act and applied to Manufacturer of Equipment Capable of Producing Ionizing Radiation specifically, in which business operators should, in consideration of the scale and nature of its business, and the balance of the rational allocation of business resources, plan, formulate, review, modify and execute the Personal Data Files Safety Maintenance Plan.

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