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Low level radioactive waste from small producer
February 2020

Small producers' radioactive waste refers to the small quantity of radioactive wastes and used radioactive sources produced from medical, agricultural, industrial, education and research organizations, including the waste containing naturally occurring radioactive materials. These wastes are currently collected, treated and stored by the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER). When the low-level radioactive waste disposal facility is established by Taiwan Power Company, these wastes will be co-disposed at that site.

Radioactive Waste from the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research
The INER currently has five treatment facilities and nine storage facilities for the low-level radioactive waste. One liquid waste treatment plant is not in operation now, but still holds a spare solidification system, and storage tanks with high-tritium liquid waste inside. A new liquid waste treatment plant acquired its operation license in July 1998. It treats liquid waste by means of evaporation, concentration, ion exchange and activated carbon adsorption, etc. A radioactive waste incinerator resumed processing combustible waste in April 2003 after approved by the Fuel Cycle and Materials Administration (FCMA). The plasma-melting furnace acquired its operation license in February 2007 and treats solid radioactive waste. The contaminated metal melting plant acquired its operating permit in May 1997. The INER acquired operation licenses for two modernized storage facilities with combined capacity of 10,000 drums in March 2004.In order to ensure the safe storage of radioactive waste, INER is required to reassess these storage facilities every ten years. The reassessment items include structure, handling equipment, radioactive waste storage conditions, and radiation impacts. Up to now, the ten-year reassessment for seven storage facilities have been completed.

Radioactive Waste from Tsing Hua University
The low-level radioactive waste from the research reactor and other research activities of Tsing Hua University is temporarily stored in the warehouse after treatment, classification, collection and packaging in drums. These wastes will then be sent to the INER for further treatment.

Waste Containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
In accordance with Article 31 of the Nuclear Materials and Radioactive Waste Management Act, the FCMA issued "Regulations for the Control of Waste Containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)" in January 2007. FCMA’s regulatory measures on NORM waste will be in accordance with the global trend.

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