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Radioactive Waste Management > Current Status of Radioactive Waste Disposal Plan > Review Report on Implementation of the Final Disposal Plan for Low level Waste by Taiwan Power Company(Aug. 2004~Jan. 2005)
Review Report on Implementation of the Final Disposal Plan for Low level Waste by Taiwan Power Company(Aug. 2004~Jan. 2005)
May 25, 2005

Contents and review findings
Main staged targets stated in this half-year Implementation report includes: (1) Select potential sites and report to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (2) Related local communications (3) Regulation on the Encouragement for Site Investigation and Assessment. Except the first point, which is temporarily postponed, the 2nd and the 3rd points have achieved the staged targets. Taiwan Power Company (TPC) stated, the Site Selecting Team has approved # 6, 7, 8 and 9 shall be the 4 possible alternative sites (investigation sites). However, since the election of legislators in Nov 2004, the selection and investigation of potential sites haven't been completed as schedule, as lack of approval from relevant local governments, the selection of potential sites is temporarily postponed.
The review findings by the Fuel Cycle and Materials Administration (FCMA) and the scholars and experts are mainly as follows:

  • Local Communication and site investigations on geology and social and economic environments need cooperation from the local governments and residents. Lean on Regulation on the Encouragement, assist by the awards and incentive measures; carry out conscientious and practical communication so as to stimulate the participation and supports of local governments and residents.
  • Communication shall be carried out both in long term and in short term, and shall be systematically and gradually promoted. Communication shall be widely carried out according to the objects. Strategies and plans for information, communication, and public relationship shall be provided. The effect of communication shall be evaluated after each implementation, and the means to evaluate shall be earnestly in accordance with the evaluation methods for recognition, study and comprehension.
  • Though the selection of potential sites has not been completed, TPC shall earnestly review if the original targets can be achieved at the planned schedule.
  • TPC has selected the 4 possible alternative sites (investigation sites), the subsequent site investigation plan shall sufficiently make clear if the selected sites comply with the stipulations in Article 7 of "Regulations on Final Disposal of Low Level Waste and Safety Management of the Facilities".
  • Site rehabilitation shall be carried out and the records keeping shall be made after field investigation, like as drilling detection, to properly keep the document integrity.

TPC submitted the amendment on May 5, 2005, the review findings are replied and supplemented in Chapter VI of the report. After second review, FCMA approved the amendment report for future reference on May 17, 2005. TPC was then asked to carry out the final disposal for low level waste strictly according to the stipulations in "Nuclear Materials and Radioactive Waste Management Act".

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