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Radioactive Waste Management > Current Status of Radioactive Waste Disposal Plan > Review Report on Implementation of the Final Disposal Plan for Low Level Radioactive Waste by Taiwan Power Company (Feb. 2006~Jul. 2006)
Review Report on Implementation of the Final Disposal Plan for Low Level Radioactive Waste by Taiwan Power Company (Feb. 2006~Jul. 2006)
March 5, 2007

Contents and review findings Main staged goals stated in this half-year Implementation report include:
(1)continuing to communicate with key local dissenters and councilors;
(2)devising the setting of communication stations and seeking local support to the final disposal plan;
(3)performing feasibility study based on geological and environmental data;
(4)collaborating with the competent authority to legislate the "Act on Sites for Establishment of Low Level Radioactive Waste Final Disposal Facility" (Site Establishment Act);
(5)entrusting public relations companies or local mass media to plan for local communications.

Except item (4) is about legislation system operations, all the key points of the obstacles faced by Taiwan Power Company (TPC) in implementing low level radioactive waste final disposal are coming from communication and public acceptance. Concerning the feasibility study about evaluating "potential sites," because on-site investigation cannot be implemented and investigation data from nearby related engineering works are not virtually complete, the progress does not match the projected schedule in the final disposal plan.

Nevertheless, in legislation of site selection, there is concrete result in the first half of 2006. The legislative procedure of "Site Establishment Act" was completed on April 28, 2006, the President promulgated the Act on May 24, 2006. According to the Act, all the procedures for the site selection are clearly and definitely specified, which include organizing the siting group, approving the siting plan, selecting the potential sites, recommending the candidate sites, and deciding the candidate sites through local referendum.
According to the provisions of "Site Establishment Act", TPC has reviewed the final disposal plan approved by AEC in January 2004 and made some corrections and submitted to AEC for review on August 23, 2006, now AEC has completed the review of the draft revision.


The "Site Establishment Act" has laid down the legal foundation for site selection of low level radioactive waste disposal facility in this country. During the time when TPC is doing related investigation for site selection, AEC will examine its operation according to the stipulations of the Act. AEC will also urge TPC to implement the final disposal plan for low level radioactive waste according to "Nuclear Materials and Radioactive Waste Management Act.

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